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HYFAST Aerospace, LLC. (hereafter referred to as “HFA”) offers transferable limited coverage on certified engine overhaul or repair work for a period of twelve (12) months or 480 hours (whichever comes first) on parts and labor, becoming active on the date the engine is first operated or thirty (30) days after HFA’s invoice date, whichever comes first. HFA shall repair or replace, at its option, any HFA supplied engine accessory, or part which is found to be defective, to the satisfaction of HFA, within said warranty period. This warranty shall only cover defects in materials and workmanship rendered by HFA. HFA does not warrant accessories (such as re-manufactured magnetos, carburetors, starters, etc.) repaired in any way by any entity other than HFA.


The following conditions and procedures must be met before HFA is liable under the provisions of this written warranty. The foregoing warranty shall be effective only if the engine or component to be serviced is returned to HFA’s facility at the customer’s expense, together with a detailed description in writing of the nature of the defect. The customer or his representative must contact HFA for verification and authorization of warranty prior to return and/or repair. It may be required by the nature of the suspected defect that the engine or component is tested utilizing equipment furnished by HFA (such as an engine dynamometer) at the request of HFA, and such testing will be conducted by HFA at the customer’s expense for trouble shooting purposes in determining warranty eligibility. All costs associated with troubleshooting including technical assistance, instructions parts or labor provided by HFA are not covered by warranty absent a warrantable defect. All engine log books must have documentation of the suspected defect or inspection conducted by a Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) certificated A&P mechanic of current active status and submitted to HFA for review. The customer must have all invoices, returns and amounts due paid in full before a warranty claim can be accepted by HFA. Any items returned must be accompanied by all of the original paperwork and are to be received in full at HFA before warranty work is to be performed. Written authorization must be obtained from HFA before repairs covered by warranty can be performed by any source other than HFA. In no event shall allowable repair costs exceed local published shop rates. This warranty shall apply if and only if the engine has been properly installed and maintained in accordance with current approved standards of the Federal Aviation Administration ("FAA") and current recommendations of the manufacturer as specified in applicable factory manuals and service bulletins. The performance of recommended inspections and maintenance must be documented by appropriate logbook entries which must accompany any engine returned for warranty work. Only defects which are reported to HFA within the warranty period are covered by this warranty and HFA must be given written notice, within ten (10) days after discovery.


This warranty shall not apply to engines, their component parts or accessories which have been improperly installed, adjusted, stored, handled, repaired, altered or operated contrary to current manufacturers recommendations or FAA Airworthiness Directives, or subject to misuse, neglect, accident, pre-ignition, detonation, hydrostatic lock or corrosion. This warranty is null and void if the engine is operated on automotive fuel. Cracked cylinders and/or crankcases are excluded from all warranties unless it can be determined that the damage is a direct and proximate result of improper workmanship by HFA. Warranty is not applicable to routine maintenance, inspection or adjustments. Replacement or repair of an engine component or accessory will not be construed to extend the initial warranty period.

HFA shall not be liable for freight charges, transportation or delivery expenses, costs, or airframe repairs, all of which are excluded under this warranty. HFA does not warrant parts, materials or services supplied which are covered by a manufacturer's warranty. This written warranty shall not apply to any engine which has been subject to misuse, neglect, accident or damage from the elements, or which has been installed, repaired or maintained or altered in any manner which, in the judgment of HFA has had an adverse effect on the engine or its parts. This warranty shall not apply to any engine which has been operated under conditions which exceed the manufacturer's recommendations. Unless prior approval is given in writing by HFA, this warranty shall not apply to any engine which has been repaired or altered, in any manner other than by HFA or its authorized representative.

 THE FOREGOING WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATIONS, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, ARISING BY OPERATION OF LAW OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THE WARRANTY OR MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE WHICH WARRANTIES ARE HEREBY EXCLUDED. HFA’s liability hereunder shall be limited to the repair or replacement of any part found to be defective within the applicable warranty period as set forth above. In no event shall HFA be liable for consequential or incidental damages or economic loss of any nature whether arising in contract or tort, including strict liability in tort or negligence on the part of HFA. The laws of the State of Ohio will control the interpretation and application of this warranty. All disputes regarding this warranty and any related purchase or repair must be adjudicated in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.


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