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Engine Overhaul and Repair

Engine Overhaul and Repair

The overhaul process begins with a repair estimate which can be started by visiting our INSTANT OVERHAUL ESTIMATOR page HERE

A representative from HYFAST will then contact you shortly after the submission of the form to explain the quote in detail and answer any questions you may have.  The SERVICE REQUEST FORM, drafted by us will be emailed to the customer for review and a signature is required for the authorization of said work. 

The ORIGINAL signed service request form and ALL log books or maintenance paperwork (if applicable) MUST accompany the engine or articles along with 50% of the original quote cost before work can begin.  Engines and components can be dropped off or shipped freight to our overhaul facility HERE.  Instructions on shipping and carrier options will be discussed by the HYFAST representative.

After receipt of the articles and authorization paperwork, a detailed receiving inspection including photographs of all items as they arrive are documented for the customer file.  Thorough cleaning and inspection procedures follow manufacturer's instructions to determine service limitations.  Articles that fall out of limits which replacement may affect the original quote will be documented and the customer will be notified with the inspection findings and options for replacement.  An additional signature may be required for additional cost authorization.

  • Replacement parts can include factory NEW and PMA NEW parts as agreed to by the customer.
  • All engines are brought to NEW LIMIT specifications using NEW (not reground) camshafts and lifters
  • Post overhaul testing allows us to verify the engine performance in accordance to manufacturer data


After completion of all work, the remaining balance must be paid before any items leave the facility.


See our Test Cell page for information on how we conduct post overhaul runs in house.



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