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YOUR Continental engine, inspected, repaired, and tested to FACTORY NEW limits by HYFAST

All projects begin with a Service Request Form (HF-16) submitted by the customer containing their engine information and outline the work scope requested. Copies of this form are included and can also be provided by request. It is imperative that this form and all other pertinent logs accompany your engine or assembly during initial receiving process at HYFAST.

Your engine is physically received by HYFAST and is assigned a checklist containing all items, logs, and accessories along with an extensive file of photographs to maintain the correct orientation of fittings or brackets during reassembly. A unique work order number is assigned to the project for reference throughout the build.

The engine is completely disassembled and cleaned using approved processes by the manufacturer. All components are maintained on their own cart, segregated by work order number, to insure no intermixing of parts with other engines. A visual inspection is conducted to separate consumable and obvious defective parts. Non-destructive testing (NDI) is conducted and documented on individual parts as required. Magnetic particle, ultrasonic and dye penetrant inspection are typical methods required by the manufacturer. A detailed dimensional inspection follows and components are retained or replaced based on serviceability.

Parts to be reworked back to within new limits receive their own work order and are recertified before returning to the rack. 100% of all consumable components suggested for replacement by the original manufacturer are picked and join the rack for reassembly. HYFAST only receives parts with full FAA form 8130-3 traceability to the manufacturer for use in our engines. This may include NEW OEM and NEW PMA approved parts based on availability.

Assembly is conducted utilizing current approved data as required and/or provided by the original manufacturer. The assigned technician assembles each engine in accordance with this data, and requests clearances and torques are checked or observed by inspection staff throughout this process.

The engine is installed on a testing cart with overhauled accessories, (magnetos, fuel system, starter, etc.) ignition is timed and the oil system is primed before initial cranking. This cart is then coupled to our water brake engine dynamometer for post overhaul proof testing.

HYFAST operates an advanced engine dynamometer test cell to view and adjust operational parameters accordingly before preservation and return shipment. This equipment utilizes calibrated probes to observe temperatures, pressures, speeds and torque as required. Runs are conducted in a climate controlled, sealed test cell onsite for typically between 2-3 hours in duration. After satisfactory testing, the engine is removed, oil is drained and the engine is short term preserved before crating and preparation for return shipment.

Each engine receives a package containing Airworthiness Directive and Mandatory Service Bulletin compliance, a comprehensive build sheet of all serialized parts both removed and installed, as well as all other parts replaced and used in its assembly. An FAA form 8130-3 and a log book sticker are included to release the engine or assembly for return to service.

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