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Cylinder Overhaul

Cylinder Overhaul

cylinder.jpgAlthough for many applications we supply several options for replacement cylinder assemblies, our facility is capable of repairing or overhauling cylinders that fall within the limits of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications after inspection and will accompany an FAA form 8130-3 after rework. 

Typical cylinder overhauls include-

  • Chemical cleaning and media blast
  • Visual and Dye Penetrant inspection
  • Tolerance inspection
  • Valve and guide replacement
  • Valve seats machined (or replaced)
  • Rocker bushing inspection (or replacement, if applicable)
  • Rocker shaft(s) replacement
  • Barrel ring finish honed
  • Port machine surfacing and alodine treatment
  • Exhaust stud replacement
  • Primer and paint to OEM color
  • Barrel or spark plug configuration color code on fins

Additional options can include-

  • Steel barrel resizing and finish honing
  • Barrel plating
  • Custom paint colors
  • Complete assemblies with new piston and rings

Repairs can include any of the above and also-

  • Spark plug thread repair
  • Weld repairs (under certain circumstances)
  • Cooling fin repairs



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