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Engine Parts by Catagory

Individual Part Inspection and Certification

Individual Part Inspection and Certification

For FBO's and Commercial Operators:

If it's time for a field repair, or you just like to do your own maintenance and do not have the capability to properly inspect or conduct the rework, just send in your individual part and we can provide-

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection on ferromagnetic metals
  • ZYGLO Dye Penetrant Inspection on non-ferrous metals
  • Crankshaft inspection, resizing and polishing
  • Connecting rod and rocker overhaul
  • Approved machining procedures
  • Custom machining or fabrication per client request for experimental applications



Non-destructive inspection (NDT/NDI) results and work outlined in OEM approved publications will yield a form 8130-3 for the inspection or work ONLY and will not express or imply airworthiness of the entire component.



Crankshaft inspection utilizing the Magnetic Particle method 


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